Friday, March 18, 2005

Here's the Scoop

Eddie Dattel from Inside Sounds came into practice last night and said he's got enough material for the Memphis Wonders CD. He also heard another one of our Beatles tunes and said we will be on "Memphis Meets the Beatles II" due out in the fall. There will be a "Fried Glass Onions" CD release party at Isaac Hayes on Saturday, April 2nd. Prior to the release party, we will be on Channel 3's, "Live at 9" on Thursday morning, March 31st. We're on for one or two songs, I haven't heard yet.

More news: we are pulling out of the Emergenza contest. It's just not our style of music or the road we care to travel. We have been asked to play in the Memphis Summer Concert Series on Beale Street this year. They have chosen 16 bands out of 60 to play every Wednesday, May through August at the Pavillion. Tentatively we are on during May. Adding to the calendar, we will be headlining the "Will Play for Change" tour when it comes through Memphis, June 4th. This event is sponsored by Indie Heaven. Location still undetermined. We've got a lot in the works so keep checking back as summer nears.

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