Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where have you been?

Due to demands of high pressure schedules, and just plain ole being ME, blogging has taken a back seat. Yet somehow, even after taking a hiatus, I am still getting requests. So let's try this all over again. You're buying all this, right? Here's a brief look at the first half of the year.

Sundays I'm in the service at Germantown Baptist, usually on organ(Korg CX3) and occasional acoustic guitar(Taylor 30 year Anniversary issue).

And after months of debates, chalk board entries, the show of hands voting has turned out a name for our band, Oliver Grove. If you're on Facebook, give a search and join up. We've been in the studio and a couple of originals are on the way. Headed back in to add some covers for a demo that should be ready soon as well.
More on Oliver Grove later.

There's more in the que for the music scene, just too much to mention in one blog. There's a rock project in the works and "On The Move" is coming soon.

Yes, that's Todd. April I think it was, at Minglewood Hall. Great show! Great new venue.

"I'll be back...", I believe was said somewhere along the line.

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