Thursday, April 07, 2005

Whirlwind Week

I know, it's been awhile so here's what's up. Last week Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from Eddie Dattel(Inside Sounds), needing a keyboard player for the "Fried Glass Onions" CD release party on Saturday night. "Sure, I'd love to", so he sends me a set list of about a dozen songs and rehearsal is Friday.
Cram time, cause the next morning(Thursday) we were on channel 3's "Live @ 9" show from the Peabody Place lobby. What an experience!
Friday comes quickly and I meet the band; Bob Simon, Robert Hall, Richard Hage and Malcolm Cullen.
Saturday's here already,
two sets w/ Kevin Paige, Eddie Harrison, Matt Isbell, Rick Nethery(Beat Generation), Charles Ponder(Z Da), Daddy Mack Orr and of course, DANI.
One last set of spontaneous Beatles jam. That was a blast!
Make sure you visit the PHOTO ALBUM.
Oh BTW, Isaac Hayes Club has booked us twice a month through the summer. Keep an eye on the calendar.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help... I cant get the calendar to work.... your sister

April 20, 2005  

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