Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Week-end

I just love outdoor gigs. This was from Friday night at Autozone Park. We got to play for an hour prior to and after the Redbirds game. Too bad they lost. We got some great comments and have been invited back sometime in July. This was also Jimmy's last show w/us. He's moved on to other gigs.

Saturday at Isaac's was a blast as usual. Producer, Pete Matthews dropped in for the show and joined us in the "Green Room". That was cool. Lots of birthdays tonight too, that seemed a little strange. We're not on the calendar yet at Isaac's, but looks like once in late July and pick it back up in August.

We're scheduled for the studio this Wednesday night. Gonna record "Oh Darling" for Fried Glass Onions ll. Apparently the first one went well. I understand it's getting airplay overseas.

Don't forget, we're at Rum Boogie this Thursday.
See ya then.

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