Saturday, February 18, 2006

Memphis Weather

Fried Glass Onions party has been rescheduled for Wednesday night! Start time is still 7:30 and if you don't have a ticket already, it would be a good idea to call ahead or show up early. Friday night went great. I've heard some wonderful comments after the show. It was just awesome to play music with these guys. The band consisted of Dave Smith, Gene Nunez, Greg Lundy and Vince Lefler. And to accompany Eddie Harrison, Jackie Johnson, Daddy Mack Orr, Matt Isbell, Charles Ponder, Rick Nethery, Reni Simon and Billy Gibson. Oh you can imagine the feeling when Dani and Zack joined us for "Oh Darling" and "Old Brown Shoe". I don't think the crowd knew what they had coming. They got their money's worth here alone. Eddie(from Inside Sounds) was speechless. If you missed it Friday, you got another chance Wednesday. Come on.
Hard Rock tonight is still on! I hope to get some pictures from this one, ice and all.
Drive safe ya'll.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get someone to video tape the gig on Wednesday? That would be cool! I hope to come see you guys March 10. I will be at the Horseshoe (day shift) that week so I should be able to make it. Jeremy

February 20, 2006  

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