Monday, March 20, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

Yeah it was spring break and I took some time off. So let me get you caught up. I had a real humbling experience a couple of weeks back. Dani and I played at Target House for some of the patients and families of St Jude Hosptial. I'm in awe of those guys and how that place is run. All the people and companies that make it possible to provide the care at no cost.

Here's the latest. We're opening for Sister Hazel on April 21st at the Southaven Springfest. Cool huh? Oh yeah, the we thing has changed a bit. Neal Bowen is going to join us on bass in April. That's first going to be at Isaac Hayes on the 14th.

Did I hear someone say Bo Bice is going to be in Southaven?

Ok, nothing I've got going has to do with Sweet Sixteen except, GO TIGERS!!

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