Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Memorial Summer Day

Don't go outside. IT'S HOT!!
Oh, but we gotta. Life requires it and taxes too.
What's all this to do with the tunes?
Well have ya noticed not much blogging going on? Oops, glad you stopped by anyway.
I saw a spike in my site visits last week-end(Memphis in May BBQ).
1200+. What in the world happened?
So here's some reasoning...
--Southern Creed. Memphis Rock Radio has the Creed LP.
Just click on "On Demand Menu" and, Oh you figure it out.
If anyone knows when and where they're playing again, clue me in.

Can you say Taylor Hicks?

Ok, Ok, back to my music. Life is busy and something had to give briefly. We canceled the Huey's gig this week-end, so don't go.
The calendar is empty for now, but there's meat on the grill. So stay in touch.



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