Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

Ok, it's been awhile. A long, hot summer and yes, almost tuneless. So here we go again. I've been practicing w/ 2 versions of Dani. Huh, what's that about? New songs and a couple of new faces. First you can find us this Saturday at Newby's on Highland. We are opening for Django Walker(son of Jerry Jeff). Oh yeah, the we thing is a little different. Zack is still there on guitar, but there's Chris Cook on drums and Chris Geswein on bass. More on them later.
You can catch us next week-end at Whistler's in Bartlett. That'll be on Friday the 1st.

Ok ok, the 2 version thing. If you noticed the calendar update(i know, i've been out of touch), we've got some gigs at the Horseshoe in Tunica. The "we" thing there is, Dani(of course) , Gene Nunez on guitar, Jeremy Smith on drums and Louis Meek on bass.

And the picture up top, it's from Southaven Springfest back in April. That's Neil Bowen in the middle, Dave Kropf on drums and you know who on both ends.

I'll be back, promise.

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Anonymous Kelli said...

Hey Jock! So glad you guys are playing again, I've missed seeing all of you. We are getting a group to come out to Whistlers.

See you then!

August 28, 2006  

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