Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh, you know...

You know the routine, places to go, people to meet and too little time to do it. Thanksgiving was spent in Columbus, GA with dinner at Cracker Barrel and my nights at HoJo's. If ya didn't know already, my son is in the army at Ft Benning. He was out on 36 hr leave and when we picked him up, all he wanted was McD's, an ipod and to be left alone. It was good to see him, you can tell he's grown a new appreciation for simple things. Well that left me some time to spend with the "baby Taylor" Colby got for Christmas last year. That's me keeping the fingers in shape. I guess I could use a brush too, huh!
Looks like a few more gigs before Christmas. We're down at the Horseshoe next Monday through Saturday. This one's on from 5:45 - 10:30. Sure beats that midnight run we had in Sept. Got a couple more in the works and as they pop up, I'll pass 'em along.
For those of you Beatle's fans, here's an oxymoron. They have a new album out. Check it out at The
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