Monday, September 11, 2006

Road Back Home

Jar of pickles? You tell me. We found them in the back alley behind Preservation Pub. It was our first stop this week-end. In between the stops? Well let me see, mp3's, DVD's, cell phones, laptops, blackberries, XM radio, splitters for the headphones and McD's to go. It was good to get there and do what we do, MUSIC! Live and loud! We got reacquainted with old friends and made some new ones along the way. Mr Mac in Cookville calls everyone George. He's gotta mean well. Dan in Black Mountain has got his hands full with the Town Pump. Val, thanks for the good food. The whole Delbert thing was an experience. Those guys are all good. Rocky on sound, you too. Vaughn, you gotta send me some of those AFKAS pics. And to Chris, WH!
Ok, I've got most of the pics posted. Check 'em out. AFKAS has got a couple added to his "my space" and his Flickr album. It was good to get out again, but better to get back home.
Congrats on the release Billy Gibson.

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