Friday, October 06, 2006

National Shrimp Festival

Gulf Shores, here we come! Thursday And Friday we will be on the gulf coast for 2 shows at the Shrimp Festival. This ought to be alot of fun. We will sharing the stage with Mustang Sally on Thursday. On Friday we will be on before Emerson Drive. We are trying out a new driving route this time. I'll let you know how that goes. Last year we missed the turn in Hattiesburg, 'cause Katrina blew the signs down.

If you haven't, check out the "bored" area on the right. And, if you've got any other sites of interest, let me know. The shrimp fest website has got a web cam on the beach you can control. C'mon, see ya down there. Oct 12th and 13th.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun, good luck out there and safe travels! Can't wait to see pics!


October 06, 2006  

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