Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labor Day Week-end

If you're staying in town or on your way in, you've got options. Danny Cole can cook up some great steaks at Shanti Steaks House in Collierville. We will be there Thursday night playing our acoustic sets from 7-9 . Friday we are back in Holly Springs at the City Cafe. This is going to be our acoustic stuff too. They have a catfish fare you'll love. Then Sunday night, downtown in the Pepsi Pavilion at 9:30 for a 30 minute show for Dingo Fest. You know that one won't be acoustic. We will crank it up.
My camera is still on the blink. So if you gonna make one of these shows, send me some of the pics.
When you see some Lousiana tags out there, let 'em know you care!
See you this week-end.



Anonymous Kelli said...

You know I will hook you guys up with pics!

Have a good weekend!

September 01, 2005  

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