Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shrimp Fest

Oh man, what a week-end! Had such a blast, I almost forgot the back pain. That's us pictured with Ron Kutter in the VIP tent after playing Saturday. On Friday, we ate some great gumbo brought in from Lulu's and on Saturday it was BBQ and boiled shrimp. What a treat!
We drove in on Friday and played an hour later, whew. Bushed, we didn't stay to hear alot of music, but met the band backing Kim Carson, The Casualties.
Checking into our condo for the week-end was a nice surprise. Found out we were on the 10th floor over looking the gulf. Needless to say, we all checked-out early for the night since we'd been on the road since 4am. The place was packed Saturday. We met the guys from Foxy Iguanas and AFKAS snuck in some pictures with the Wes Loper Band. Did you check out the web cam I mentioned earlier? Or even the pictures Dave posted along the way? Those are some candid shots. The one below with Dani was shot with his camera phone.
Gotta send some thanks out. Ginger Parnell, your crew really treated us great. Rick, thanks for getting us there and back in one piece and the daily devotions. And thanks to our roadie, Justin, who was a big help to the band. Zack you're the king of "6 degrees of separation".
Don't forget to visit the photo album. AFKAS was there too, and he has his own pics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honest Honey, you wouldn't like it down here at all. It is just terrible here on the coast, you're so much better off being at home. All this sunshine, beautiful women, I mean beautiful water,the smell of suntan oil & shrimp cooking...you get the picture. It is just awful down here and I can't wait to get back home to you!!!

October 19, 2005  
Anonymous Kelli said...

Hey! Glad to hear everything went well! I love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing!

See you guys soon!

October 20, 2005  

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