Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Packing up and looking back on last week-end. Our acoustic stuff is startin' to gel. Performing w/ the guitar feels good again. We're going to stop in at the Shanti on most Thursdays, but check the calendar 'fore you just pop in. Got a new crowd down in Holly Springs. It gets us going when ya'll join in like ya did. Sunday night, downtown Memphis, that was a loud crowd. I saw some familiar faces in the front row Cat. Thanks for the write-up(sept 6th). I love those outdoor gigs. And that's why we're packing up. Headed to Hampton, VA. Yep, outdoors. Gonna stop in Black Mountain, NC on Thursday night and play Town Pump Tavern. I don't have any idea 'bout this place. That's alrite, they don't know us either. I'll send some pics.
Did I say outdoors? Good, 'cause Friday we're at Bay Days and Saturday opening for Bo. Oh, You know Bo.
We had a blast up there last year. Those people are really good to us.
It's going to be about a 2000 mile turnaround. Gotta love these road trips. Not good on the back, but here we go.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you already. Mwah!

September 07, 2005  

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