Monday, September 19, 2005

Week-end Update

Another 3 gig week-end in the bag. Thursday's at Shanti Steakhouse is starting to gather a crowd. You need to make one of these. Friday at Isaac's was another good show for Dani. And Saturday's Jimmy Buffet tribute at City Cafe was a blast. Sandals, hawaiian shirts and leis while singing Buffet tunes, "reminds me of the places I've been"(some I won't revisit).
I've posted some more pics in the Photo Album under Bay Days 05.
AFKAS updates:
AFKAS now has his own 1) my space site and 2) photo album.
Who would've thunk this could happen. "Too much time on my hands" w/ my disk problem. Speaking of which, I've got a visit at the Neuro Doc today, hopefully to get some relief soon! I tried loading my gear in the other night, not a good idea.
If you've got a "my space" sign in, send an invite, AFKAS loves the company.
Thanks for the visit and go hug your momma.

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Anonymous Cat (Le Chat) said...

My Brother J.:

I love all of your new content!
Do you think AFKAS will mind if I call him Brother "Stick". He is too cool. Thank you for making me smile.


Sending love, peace and gumbo,

Sister Cat

ps Hope you get some good news from the Doc.

September 20, 2005  
Blogger Vaughn said...

Hey Jock,
Great to see you guys at Bay Days and was very happy to see AFKAS at our show on Saturday. I'm proud to have had my picture taken with him. I'll tell all my friends!
Thanks for putting the pics of us on your space. I'll make sure Sueanne sees it.

Vaughn Deel

September 22, 2005  

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