Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Know Bo!

Check this out! Yep, that's me and Bo Diddley. We got to hang out w/ Bo and his band after Saturday's show. We had great seats, side stage just a few feet from him.
Oh yeah, we played a couple of times too. Friday night we played our acoustic set on the country stage. Then Saturday afternoon we went early, checked out Don Butcher's Band, met some pirates, followed AFKAS around, hungout in the back stage trailer and invited Sue Ann to sing back-up on a couple of tunes. On stage sound was mixed great so it gave us all a boost, Dani did a great job & Zack was on fire. The Bay Days people treated us like royalty, from the stage crew, security, catering and even the crowd was responsive. It's just odd to me to be signing autographs.
Meanwhile, back on Earth...
Our trip home lead us back through Black Mountain, NC again. While there, one of our trailer springs snapped. That extended our drive home another day. Unload the trailer, load another, get up early, get springs fixed, unload rented trailer and load ours back up. Finally back on the road Monday noon and home after dark.
News to come...
AFKAS is working on his blogging adventures(site up soon).
Photos should be in sometime Wednesday.
Don't forget The Shanti Thursday and Isaac Hayes Friday night.
Vaughn, thanks for the camera batteries!!!

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Blogger awaterpixie said...

Now you'll have a story to regale to friends and family.... your brush with fame.

Very cool.

September 14, 2005  

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