Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

"Hello. Yeah it's been awhile, not much, how about you..." Name that tune.
Ok, here's what's been up. My computer crashed, well it got a virus so I had to start all over. I lost most of my contact info too. So here's what I need from you. If you know me, email me, or just look on the right and Gmail me. I know I should've backed everything up and I did, but it was a few months back.

And on to the tunes...
It was good to meet alot of you at the Horseshoe. Like Manny and Bea from The Arizona Band. Don and Tommie, too. You guys from work are still the best. Thanks Larry W for getting everyone together. And to Chop and Perk, I'm glad we were able to spend one more time out with Fat Daddy. He was a good friend to a lot of people.

Last Tuesday night we played at EP's Delta Kitchen.
Yes, it's the old EP's on Beale and they have reopened.
Hopefully we'll be invited back for the summer.
Happy anniversary Rusty and Rhonda.

Don't eat too much over the holidays(yeah right).



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