Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jason Aldean

"Now with special guest Memphis' own Dani McCulloch". Yep, you got it right, we are opening for Jason Aldean this Saturday night at the Desoto Civic Center.
So I'm putting new strings on and I need a new bridge for my guitar. The bridge needs to be one with an offset b-string. Not as easy as I thought. After going by a couple of stores, I had to start calling around to find one. I should've known to go to Yarbrough's first. Mark Crawley always has a story to tell. Turns out he use to play in a band with Chris Cook(our drummer). After a few more visits, I'll be ready for a road trip and some stories to tell. It'll be interesting to hear Chris' take on things.

We've added a couple more tunes into the mix along with a new original. I've got new strings and we're ready to go.
So if country is your thang, come on out to "Hicktown". Show starts at 7:30.



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