Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Can't Buy Me Love"

Who says you can't buy love? Well my darlin' did. I got the CD and DVD "LOVE" for Valentines day. Yes it's another compilation and there are no new songs that were tucked away in a basement somewhere. The DVD is an audio disc and the only photo is the one on the left. I rushed to put it on and skipped through every song hoping to catch some pics or even a video or two. Just more of the picture on the left. The audio quality is a noticeable difference than that of the records of old. It's a great album for the collection. Oh and by the way, "Can't Buy Me Love" is not on here.
Check out the "Love" website, it's a great companion for the CD/DVD set.
Moving on to the local news, Dani's American Idol run has come to an end and she has written a book about it, lol. Check it out here. So with that behind her, it's back to work and here we go. Wednesday morning(2/21) we will be on "Live at 9" on channel 3 in Memphis. Wednesday night we playing at EP's Delta Kitchen on Beale Street. Thursday we are back at the Shanti Steakhouse in Collierville. Last time at the Shanti was a big surprise. The crowd was large enough they had to turn people away by the time we started playing. Thursday night is our acoustic show with Dani, Zack and me.
Don't forget to look for AFKAS. He will be on TV somewhere.

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