Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Southaven Springfest

Grab you a cup o' coffee, 'cause there's lots to catch up on. First, Dani was featured and on the cover of "Memphis Woman" magazine. Yours truly was called on, interviewed and quoted in the article. So yes, I made Memphis Woman Magazine. Although I can now play drums according to the picture's caption.

Moving on, the scenery has changed on stage. At Isaac Hayes last week-end we brought along Neal Bowen on bass and Gene Nunez on lead guitar. They'll be there for the festival this week-end too.

So what happened to Zack? I told you earlier Jordan opted out, well Zack followed suit and you can find them playing as "Crazy and the Crutch". Good luck guys.

Yep, we're opening for Sister Hazel this Friday at Southaven Springfest. Snowden Park's the place and we're on at 8:00.

have ya noticed? the pictures of the Fried Glass Onions CD's have disappeared. I dunno what happened. I'll figure it out later. Did you see the "something to do- site of the week" on the right?
Check it out.

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