Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time In

What a week! I didn't realize just what would happen. Tuesday, the Memphis segment of American Idol aired and Dani took her shot with Randy, Paula and Simon. With gold sheet in hand, she's on her way to Hollywood. Now you hear what I heard 3 years ago, that girl can sing! Wednesday, it's a buzz all over the radio about this girl, Dani McCulloch, from Collierville. While we were playing at EP's Wednesday night, channel 13 shows up for an interview. AFKAS even got some air time.
Thursday morning we are all over "Good Morning Memphis" and they announce we will be at the Shanti Steak House tonight. We've been there before, sometimes a crowd, sometimes not. I show up about an hour early for set up and the place is crowded. If you weren't there an half hour early, you were turned away, by then it was packed. Brad from "Snap 94.1" shows up and interviews Dani while some of our show is on live. Well it's Zack, Dani and me on an acoustic set and we are having a blast. Word is out.
Kelli uploaded some of it on YouTube. If you see a highlighted word, click on it.
It's a link and there are some videos.
Check it out.
We will be back at EP's Delta Kitchen next Wednesday(31st) night.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time Out

Football playoffs, 24, American Idol and Tiger basketball. Not necessarily in that order, but time out anyway. I'm going to Ft Benning to watch my son's graduation from Army Basic/AIT this week. He'll move on to Airborne training afterwards. Just when Bush is announcing he's sending more troops to Iraq. He sure can use your prayers.

Next week I'll be back to EP's on Beale. We're there for the last two Wednesdays in January. On Thursday the 25th, Dani, Zack and I will have our acoustic show at the Shanti in Collierville. Take your pick.
Full band or Acoustic?
Saints or Bears?
Pats or Colts?


Thursday, January 04, 2007

EP's Delta Kitchen

Yep, we're going back. I don't mean Garry Goin, he's there on the week-ends. EP's on Wednesday nights. Check the calendar, we're there 3 times this month. We start sometime around 8 or 8:30, I dunno which. Make plans, the food's great and well, you know the music. Zack on guitar, Chris Geswein on bass and Chris Cook on drums. Oh yeah, Dani will be there, don't ya know. Like you didn't know who was singing. I heard a rumor, Cook is busy later this month and somebody said Pete Mendillo will be "banging the drum" on the last 2 Wednesdays. I guess we'll see, huh?

Here's some real music news. I picked up an old Hammond piper organ. Yeah, it's got flip levers, a tape recorder, a mic and push button rhythm. Get the picture. It's one of those 70's model from a generation that thought they could learn to play the piano by number. No you won't see it on stage.
I'll let you know how this goes.

See ya Wednesday?

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