Sunday, May 04, 2008

Life is Busy

Just to catch you up on some things goin' on, Tuesday Sun is still happening. We have been recording and there are 6 songs almost ready for demo. Dr Louis is the sound meister, as if that's a real engineer title. Keep an eye on the Tuesday Sun website for details.
Lately I have been sitting in with the praise band at Germantown Baptist. This week we will be playing during the revival at GBC on Monday and Tuesday night.
On Saturday, June 7th, I will be playing in Jackson, TN at Bluesfest 2008. It will be a live performance of "Fried Glass Onions, Memphis Meets the Beatles".

So what's been keeping me so busy. School! Yes, I'm back in school studying website development.
I am going to finish something I started a few years back. Day job, night school, family, music. Not at all in that order, but it keeps me in line.