Saturday, January 10, 2009


Welcome back!! I suppose there's a lot to catch up on since the last update.
Not in any particular order of importance or even anything to do with music, but here we go. Merry Christmas! Our schedule was packed. Christmas parties, family visits, meals, end of year recitals, finals at school, overtime(the job), and I played at Evangel's Christmas service.

My new year's eve was spent at the hospital, I am now a granddad!Presley Ruth, 7 lbs 11 oz. So Happy New Year! What a site, a day, and a way to start the new year.

Looking ahead to 2009...

I found a "must read", The Shack. Ya gotta get it(or even read it online).

The PIG is back at 96 oink 1. For those of you who are tired of top 40 commercial Rock n' Roll.

Oh yeah, we got a Wii(like I've got time to play games). I've even made some Mii's of the Beatles, Bowie and Jagger. Ok, Ok, back to reality.

Zack's album is moving right along, and should be in post production soon.

Yes, I'm still with the unnamed band and you can find me on Sunday nights at GBC.

So, I hope you stay employed and your 401k stays in the black.
Be back soon...