Thursday, July 28, 2005

Artist Formerly Known As Stickboy

The "Artist Formerly Known As Stickboy" auditioned for a spot in the band. He quickly realized that he's merely a groupie. Still wanting to be a part of it all, AFKAS has vowed to follow us and be our most dedicated fan.
So the adventure begins. Seen here, during our Redbirds gig, AFKAS is deciding what to eat.
Question is, "where is he?" No clues for this one.

Pay careful attention, AFKAS does tricks, morphs and is an all-around thrill seeker.
He shows up in all shapes, colors and sizes.
You can leave your answers in "comments" or "gmail".
I will be keeping score, which implies there will be a winner?
So, "Where's AFKAS?"


Monday, July 25, 2005

Dani & the hot heads

100 degrees+!!!!!!!
I thought last July 4th's gig was hot(95). Autozone park at 4:30 in the afternoon was killer.
Click on pic and you'll see the towels & the effects of it all. The mandolin wouldn't stay in tune so we skipped those tunes til after the game. Makes you want to invest in large umbrellas.
Still a cool gig though. No pun intended.
I've posted a couple of pics from Saturday's gig. It's listed in the photo album under "Memphis Redbirds".

We've got a new fan. Pay attention, the "Artist Formerly Known As Stick Boy" showed up.
AFKASB is on an adventure and will be posting pics soon.
Too much heat, huh. See ya soon.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Memphis Redbirds

We're back at the Redbirds game on Saturday the 23rd. Whoa, it's gonna be hot! 99 degrees today, but they expect it to only get to 98 Saturday. Game starts at 6:05 and we play prior to at 4:30. Keep an eye on the calendar.
August is starting to get busy. Back to Rum Boogie on the 4th and BB Kings on the 5th. Court Square Summer Concert Series is the 10th. That one starts at 5pm.
More later!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Real Musicians?

Dave, whoever asked this question? They can't be for real. Have you ever been to a "Stomp" concert? Would you call that music? I do and they don't have what we call, a bonafide musical instrument on stage. Brooms, trashcans, newspapers, kitchen sinks, etc...
So if you don't have a musical instrument, can you still make music? Absolutely! A cappella means sung music without instrumental accompaniment. A singer's instrument is their voice, although some I've heard shouldn't be called music.
You know we're all told to "make a joyful noise". So "what level musician are you" may be the underlying question. Or was it just playful banter between musicians?

"Mommy, mommy, when I grow up I want to be a guitar player.
Now Johnny, you can't do both!"

So by example. Not just a piano player, but I picked up a guitar and a mandolin. If it's a musical instrument, I'm game. Why? Because I'm a musician. Just don't hand me a pair of drum sticks, 'cause I can't "make a joyful noise" with them.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

McA's City Cafe

Dave and I chillin' between sets. We were at City Cafe in Holly Springs. Small venue and brick walls make acoutics a challenge, but the intimate setting helps loosen the tie for cuttin' loose on a jam.
I joked about a road trip, but it makes for a late night after teardown and the drive home.
If you haven't met Dave, you gotta check out the "floating head"!

Thanks to ya'll who made that trip!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

City Cafe

Holly Springs, here we come. Friday night we will be at the City Cafe. Soul food, catfish and music! City Cafe is located across the street from the court house on the S.E. corner of the square. If your coming down 78, take the second Holly Springs exit and go north to run into the square. If your traveling south from 72, Hi 7 comes to a tee at the square. Click here for a map you can zoom for print.
We get started at 8:00 and will stay for 3 one hour sets or til ya'll leave.


Friday, July 01, 2005

July Highlights

Just a couple of dates to note, Friday the 8th , we are going to Holly Springs(ROAD TRIP!!) and perform at City Cafe near the square. Soul food, catfish and tunes!
Saturday the 23rd, we are back to Autozone Stadium for an afternoon Redbirds game. We will play at 3 o'clock and the game starts at 4:30.
August 5th, BB King's here we come again! I'll be back on the B3. Oh what a ride!
One more: ads in the Flyer, Playbook and on FM100 have been announcing the Court Square Concert Series. We are slated for Wednesday Aug 10th. This one runs from 5-8pm, it's free so bring a chair and enjoy the show.

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