Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shannon St Blues Fest

I have been invited to perform once again with the Fried Glass Onions band. This time in Jackson, TN, Saturday afternoon at Shannon Street Blues Festival.It's been about a year since our last show at Gibson Guitar Lounge. Mostly the same players will be there, Dave Smith on bass, Greg Lundy on drums, Gene Nunez on guitar, EJ Dyce on trumpet and yours truly on keys. Oh yeah the singers, Matt Isbell, Jackie Johnson, Reni and Bob Simon, and Sir Charles Ponder. Oh every one will be singing along, it's Beatles music, Memphis style.

John Kilzer starts at 5:30. We go on at 6:30 followed by Webb Wilder and Guitar Shorty.

This is one big ad. I'm pluggin' everybody. Come on out, Saturday, June 7th.