Monday, June 27, 2005

"Fried Glass Onions" too?

We were back in the studio, "Inside Sounds" last Thursday(yeah same long day as Rum Boogie), recording " Oh Darlin" for FGO ll. This time around, I got to play the grand piano. You know that Korg I play has weighted 88's, but it just doesn't feel or sound the same as the real thing. Funny thing too, me and the piano were in the house while everybody else was inside the studio. Zack played both guitars and Jeremy joined us on drums. And on bass; Ross Rice, remember that name from Human Radio, Free World and most recently toured w/ Peter Frampton. Ross is going to be producing this album.
Mixing is next month and the release date sometime in August.

Final note, there are more tunes than what will be on board. Somebody's not gonna make the cut. You know I'll keep you in on it.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rum Boogie

Rum Boogie was Thursday night. I'm not used to these hours. Cool gig though. Ran into Billy Gibson. He was playing early w/ David Bowen. Check out Dani and Zack singing Redhouse.
I've got some studio news I'll post later, Fried Glass Onions 2 is on it's way.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Week-end

I just love outdoor gigs. This was from Friday night at Autozone Park. We got to play for an hour prior to and after the Redbirds game. Too bad they lost. We got some great comments and have been invited back sometime in July. This was also Jimmy's last show w/us. He's moved on to other gigs.

Saturday at Isaac's was a blast as usual. Producer, Pete Matthews dropped in for the show and joined us in the "Green Room". That was cool. Lots of birthdays tonight too, that seemed a little strange. We're not on the calendar yet at Isaac's, but looks like once in late July and pick it back up in August.

We're scheduled for the studio this Wednesday night. Gonna record "Oh Darling" for Fried Glass Onions ll. Apparently the first one went well. I understand it's getting airplay overseas.

Don't forget, we're at Rum Boogie this Thursday.
See ya then.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Memphis Redbirds

The weather has cooled off abit, so come on out to the Redbirds game Friday(17th). We are playing inside the main gate from 6-7 and the game starts at 7:05. We'll play immediately after the game as well. We will definitely have the camera so I'll post some pics this week-end.
Don't forget, we are playing at Isaac Hayes in the Peabody Place Saturday night. Dave Kropf will be back on drums this week-end. Jeremy did a great job last time out, so you will see him again.
See you this week-end!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Emergenza Finals

Remember that contest we entered, played at Hi Tone, advanced to second round and withdrew? Well, my brother-in-law's metal band continued on to the finals last Saturday night at the New Daisy. A band out of Nashville won, but Josh Hawkins, my bil, won a limited edition Ernie Ball guitar. It's the same guitar that John Petrucci of Dream Theater plays. He told me there were only 10 guitars of this design made for the Emergenza contest.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Memphis Italian Festival

Friday night went good at Isaac Hayes. Jeremy did a great job on drums and I've posted a couple more pics in the Photo Album. Jeremy was supposed to join us Saturday, but he's got a baby boy now and it was check-out time from the hospital. With all that said, Zack played drums at the"will play for change" tour. It was simulcast live on the internet at IndieHeaven.
So check this out, I got to revisit my first concert as a teenager: "Grand Funk Railroad". Mark Farner was one of the guests at the Memphis Italian Festival. Yes he opened w/ "Foot Stompin' Music". WHAT A BLAST! Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers were the back-up band(that was a treat by itself), but Farner brought his own drummer(check out his hat). You can enlarge the pic.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Opening Week-end

June is here and we're on for Friday at Isaac's and Saturday at Crossway Church in Bartlett for Indie Heaven's, "Play for Change Tour". The website hasn't been updated yet, but we're on Saturday at 5pm. This week-end Jeremy Smith will join us on drums. We've added a new original and have shaken the dust off a couple of our old tunes.
Later this month we'll be at Rum Boogie and a Redbirds game. Stay in touch.