Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More News

We're gearing up for a busy summer. With life's schedules, Dave(our drummer) can't make all our dates so we are in need of a sub. Mark Stauffer, from Visible School, has recently joined us and should be at Isaac Hayes Club on May 7th. Vince has announced that he needs to commit more time to the newly released CD,"Volume 4" from Crossway Worship Band. With that news, we are trying out a new bass player as well. Cousin Vinnie is gonna stay on w/ us through the Bixby Blues & BBQ gig.
Hampton, Virginia's "Bay Days" festival has invited us back this Sept. Last year we opened for Chely Wright and what a blast that was. This year we're on another stage and headlining. We may play 2 different days and open for Bo Diddly.
More news coming, we're waiting on some replies so I'll save on those for another blog. It's late, I'm outta here!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Whirlwind Week

I know, it's been awhile so here's what's up. Last week Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from Eddie Dattel(Inside Sounds), needing a keyboard player for the "Fried Glass Onions" CD release party on Saturday night. "Sure, I'd love to", so he sends me a set list of about a dozen songs and rehearsal is Friday.
Cram time, cause the next morning(Thursday) we were on channel 3's "Live @ 9" show from the Peabody Place lobby. What an experience!
Friday comes quickly and I meet the band; Bob Simon, Robert Hall, Richard Hage and Malcolm Cullen.
Saturday's here already,
two sets w/ Kevin Paige, Eddie Harrison, Matt Isbell, Rick Nethery(Beat Generation), Charles Ponder(Z Da), Daddy Mack Orr and of course, DANI.
One last set of spontaneous Beatles jam. That was a blast!
Make sure you visit the PHOTO ALBUM.
Oh BTW, Isaac Hayes Club has booked us twice a month through the summer. Keep an eye on the calendar.

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