Friday, August 19, 2005

Since we've last met...

there's been "thangs goin' on that you don't know". So allow me a moment or two. Court Square gig was a blast, but I needed help on the load-in & out. I've got a bulging disc in my back. Doc said no "strenuous pulling, pushing or lifting", so daytime job is on hold til' I see Neuro doc.
In the mean time, I'm spending more time w/ my music. Grabbed the guitar for some acoustic tunes and looks like a trip back to Holly Springs for a warm-up to Hampton, VA for Bay Days. Fried Glass Onions is getting some airplay in England(go figure) and FGO 2 is due next month.
Kelli has started up a street team for Dani. Here's another in for ya'll who like to know whassup.
I'll try not to stay gone so long. So check back later.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Court Square

Court Square in August. Another hot gig in Memphis. You'd think we'd say no to the heat, yet when asked to play music, lately the answer has been, "where & when can we go?"
We've had a great week! Rum Boogie last Thursday, even though it was a late one, and Friday night it was good to be back at BB King's. Sittin' at the B3 is always magical. I'll own one of those someday. It's always good playing to people gettin' into the music. I could use words like encouraging, motivating or just downright inspiring when you know they're hanging on every word and note. That makes it worthwhile. A many thanx to Le Chat for the support.

AFKAS was spotted, but my camera went on the blink.


Monday, August 01, 2005

August Calendar

Check the calendar, but here it is in short. Thursday the 4th, Rum Boogie. Friday the 5th, BB Kings. Court Square, downtown Memphis on the 10th.
This just in, we're opening for Bo Diddly in Hampton, VA next month. Tell me that's not cool.

So, where's AFKAS?