Friday, September 30, 2005

October Calendar

1st 7-10pm Isaac Hayes Club Peabody Place; Memphis
14th 3-5pm Shrimp Fest Gulf shores, ALA
15th 2-4pm Shrimp Fest Gulf shores, ALA
20th 7-9pm Shanti Steak House Collierville, TN
22nd 7pm Private Party
27th 7-9pm Shanti Steak House Collierville, TN
28th 7-10p Isaac Hayes Peabody Place; Memphis


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dani @ The Shanti

This is the last Thursday at the Shanti for awhile. We bring our acoustic stuff for this one. The music starts about 7. Danny(the owner) cooks up some great steaks w/ a recipe he's served for over 20 twenty years. So bring your appetite and enjoy a night out with Dani.
Keeping an eye on the calendar, we're at Isaac Hayes Club Saturday night(Oct 1st). This one's the plugged in version.
Oh, and don't forget AFKAS.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Week's End Update

Check out this custom guitar of Bo's. Along w/ meeting him and his band after the show at Bay Days, this famous axe passed my way so I was able to get this shot.
New faces and old friends or new friends and old faces. You need to make one of these Thursday nights at the Shanti. It's our laid back show and some good eating.
News from the Doc, I've got a ruptured disk in my back. Going for the nerve block Monday and following up w/ PT. Day job is still on hold.
So get out and support your Memphis music.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Week-end Update

Another 3 gig week-end in the bag. Thursday's at Shanti Steakhouse is starting to gather a crowd. You need to make one of these. Friday at Isaac's was another good show for Dani. And Saturday's Jimmy Buffet tribute at City Cafe was a blast. Sandals, hawaiian shirts and leis while singing Buffet tunes, "reminds me of the places I've been"(some I won't revisit).
I've posted some more pics in the Photo Album under Bay Days 05.
AFKAS updates:
AFKAS now has his own 1) my space site and 2) photo album.
Who would've thunk this could happen. "Too much time on my hands" w/ my disk problem. Speaking of which, I've got a visit at the Neuro Doc today, hopefully to get some relief soon! I tried loading my gear in the other night, not a good idea.
If you've got a "my space" sign in, send an invite, AFKAS loves the company.
Thanks for the visit and go hug your momma.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Know Bo!

Check this out! Yep, that's me and Bo Diddley. We got to hang out w/ Bo and his band after Saturday's show. We had great seats, side stage just a few feet from him.
Oh yeah, we played a couple of times too. Friday night we played our acoustic set on the country stage. Then Saturday afternoon we went early, checked out Don Butcher's Band, met some pirates, followed AFKAS around, hungout in the back stage trailer and invited Sue Ann to sing back-up on a couple of tunes. On stage sound was mixed great so it gave us all a boost, Dani did a great job & Zack was on fire. The Bay Days people treated us like royalty, from the stage crew, security, catering and even the crowd was responsive. It's just odd to me to be signing autographs.
Meanwhile, back on Earth...
Our trip home lead us back through Black Mountain, NC again. While there, one of our trailer springs snapped. That extended our drive home another day. Unload the trailer, load another, get up early, get springs fixed, unload rented trailer and load ours back up. Finally back on the road Monday noon and home after dark.
News to come...
AFKAS is working on his blogging adventures(site up soon).
Photos should be in sometime Wednesday.
Don't forget The Shanti Thursday and Isaac Hayes Friday night.
Vaughn, thanks for the camera batteries!!!

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Packing up and looking back on last week-end. Our acoustic stuff is startin' to gel. Performing w/ the guitar feels good again. We're going to stop in at the Shanti on most Thursdays, but check the calendar 'fore you just pop in. Got a new crowd down in Holly Springs. It gets us going when ya'll join in like ya did. Sunday night, downtown Memphis, that was a loud crowd. I saw some familiar faces in the front row Cat. Thanks for the write-up(sept 6th). I love those outdoor gigs. And that's why we're packing up. Headed to Hampton, VA. Yep, outdoors. Gonna stop in Black Mountain, NC on Thursday night and play Town Pump Tavern. I don't have any idea 'bout this place. That's alrite, they don't know us either. I'll send some pics.
Did I say outdoors? Good, 'cause Friday we're at Bay Days and Saturday opening for Bo. Oh, You know Bo.
We had a blast up there last year. Those people are really good to us.
It's going to be about a 2000 mile turnaround. Gotta love these road trips. Not good on the back, but here we go.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hug a Refugee

Have you hugged anyone from the Gulf coast today? You better! Let 'em know you're thoughts and prayers include them. It could be any one of us, just as quick as it was them.
"Count your blessings"


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labor Day Week-end

If you're staying in town or on your way in, you've got options. Danny Cole can cook up some great steaks at Shanti Steaks House in Collierville. We will be there Thursday night playing our acoustic sets from 7-9 . Friday we are back in Holly Springs at the City Cafe. This is going to be our acoustic stuff too. They have a catfish fare you'll love. Then Sunday night, downtown in the Pepsi Pavilion at 9:30 for a 30 minute show for Dingo Fest. You know that one won't be acoustic. We will crank it up.
My camera is still on the blink. So if you gonna make one of these shows, send me some of the pics.
When you see some Lousiana tags out there, let 'em know you care!
See you this week-end.