Monday, July 23, 2007

GoldStrike Casino

Here's a shot from the last night at GoldStrike. Jeremy Smith on drums and Chris Geswein on bass. So where's Chris? Oh, it's just his arm. And yea, that's me on guitar. We are due back on August 25th.

Ok if you've read this blog before, you'll notice there was another picture below. I've remove it for the sake of " who really wants to see road kill".

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Here's a picture from 1965 of a band called "Thee Beachcombers". Talk about retro, check out the "duds" and the "do's". David "Murt" Harris on drums and Buzz Allsup(second from left) on lead guitar. These guys opened for "The Byrds" at the Municipal Auditorium in Pensacola. Why these guys? We work for the same people.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Collierville's Fireworks

Here ya go, we're one week into our 2 week stay at Gold Strike and here's what's up. Along the way I met T.G. Sheppard. Wished I would've had my camera. And one night, a water pipe busted just above the keyboards and started pouring out of the ceiling. Panic. It stopped us in mid-song and mid-set. So I removed my equipment, aired it out and played acoustic guitar the next set. A set later it was all up and running. No harm no foul. Sounds like a Korg commercial. Along the way back early one morning, I created some roadkill. Some said it was an otter, others said a muskrat. I'm just glad it wasn't any bigger.
Here's a shot from Collierville's July 4th celebration. I was told there were over 10,000 people there, wow. It was also Chris Cook's last show with us. So Jeremy Smith has joined us on drums for the Gold Strike run.
We've been added to the Delta Fair & Music Festival in September. Plus there's a Redbird's game coming up we will be playing.
Stay in touch!

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